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Pilot FriXion Original Erasable Gel Pen Fine Point - 0.7mm

1 Black
1 Blue
1 Red
2 Black
2 Blue
2 Red
3 Black
3 Blue
3 Red
1 Black 1 Blue 1 Red

For the heavy-duty scribblers, the non-stop writers and for the passionate drawers, a pen that can keep up with their inspirational pace.

When it comes to taking down notes, handy illustrations, designing concepts and innovations, you need a pen that is reliable and durable. You need Pilot FriXion Original Erasable Pen! With a remarkable tip of .07 MM, you’re bound to make your mark whenever, wherever. 


Our Pilot FriXion Original Erasable Pen comes in a pack of three with colors black, red and blue. Each color is ideal for outlining, organizing and differentiating notes, illustrative borders, and highlighting information. This is your perfect go-to pen if you are a student, an engineer, a designer, a writer, a creator, an architect or an innovator. What’s even more convenient is the fact that you can erase mistakes and errors with a breezy motion that is compared to a pencil’s eraser. 2
Unlike a pencil, however, Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen makes writing look more professional and more advanced. With the convenience of an eraser, no need to make unnecessary cross-outs that signifies a mistake. You can erase and rewrite over the area with ease and clarity.
To preserve the ink of your Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen, keep it away from high-temperature areas. Doing so will result in colorless writing. To restore the erasable pen’s color, place it in a freezer or a refrigerator with 18 degrees Celcius in temperature. 6
Note: Our Pilot FriXion Original Erasable Pen can write and glide smoothly over any type of paper. However, it cannot be utilized in office and legal documents. 7
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