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Elfinbook™ TS Erasable Gel Stylus Pen - 0.5mm

1 Smart Pen
5 Black refills

Whether you’re a digital nomad, a creator, a freelancer, a student or someone who desires to have the convenience of a pen-and-paper experience and a technology-integrated notebook, this one is for you!


Flexibility and adaptability are characteristics that innovators and creators have. Inspiration, for them, does not only come when they’re looking for it. Oftentimes, it hits them when they are sipping their afternoon soda drink, eating the much dreaded guilty food binge, or when they are in the middle of a daydreaming sesh on a boring class. Whether you are a student, architect, engineer, designer or writer, you’re going to need a tool that is as flexible as you. 

Introducing the Erasable Gel Stylus Pen! This pen combines the ease of use and convenience of an erasable gel pen while doubling its function as a stylus pen. It can smoothly glide over any paper while having the ability to write content on your phone. The next time you forgot your erasable notebook, you can still create, draw and take down notes on your phone because of its stylus functionality. 

With a size of 0.5MM, this pen is perfect for drawing on creativity-centric mobile apps and with the integration of a clear disc, you can minimize drawing errors, leading to perfect creations! What’s more, is that it’s compatible with both Android and iOs systems. 

So, the next time you’re creating something, whether it’s on paper or in your trusty technological device, know that our Erasable Gel Stylus Pen got you covered. 

Note: Our Erasable Gel Stylus Pen works best with our Elfinbook Smart Reusable Notebook and any mobile devices.