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About Us

Elfinbook is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality and creative reusable notebooks - a group of creative minds who are trying to save the world (and trees) one notebook at a time allowing you to move into a digital world as well as keep the feel of traditional pen and paper.

Save the Trees, Get an Elfinbook

Every day tons of trees are disappearing from the earth and a huge portion of them are used for making paper. The great innovation of reusable notebooks give us an opportunity to save trees. You can preserve trees simply by purchasing a reusable notebook instead of a conventional one!

That’s not the end, Elfinbook will bring you the feeling of a typical paper. All the pages of an Elfinbook are crafted from a patented recycled synthetic. 

The Absolute Convenience

Take lecture notes, sketch awesome pictures, jot down anything quickly then save to the cloud and share instantly.

A friendly shopping experience

Take time and shop with us today and see why tens of thousands of customers have been amazed by Elfinbook and the premium shopping experience we strive to provide.