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Elfinbook™ Mini Smart Reusable Notebook with Leather Case

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We’re about to change the way you write, the way you take down notes and the way you gather ideas, in a SMALL AND HANDY way! 

You can now enjoy all of the things you love in our Elfinbook Smart Reusable Notebook in a portable, handier and more compact way. The cloud-connected reliability, classic pen-and-paper experience and innovative approach to scribbling, drawing and creating are now at the palm of your hands. The new Elfinbook Mini Smart Reusable Notebook with Leather Case is now designed to fit your pockets, perfect as your go-to notebook. 

Integrated with our Elfinbook app, you can never forget your daily to-do lists, class schedules, reminders, grocery shopping lists, and everything you need while on the go. What’s even more amazing is the fact that you can re-write on the notebook’s pages, over and over again, without having to run out of paper. With a quick wipe of a damp cloth, you have clean and ready notebook pages for non-stop writing. 

Once you have received your very own Elfin Mini Smart Reusable Notebook with Leather Case, you can download the Elfin app that comes with a VIP code written on the manual. This will assure greater writing experience as it can recognize notes and capture images while storing them on your preferred cloud. 

Inside, you’ll discover three types of pages, suitable for any of your writing needs. It has: 

  • 20 sheets of dotted paper
  • 20 sheets of ruled paper
  • 20 sheets of blank pages for scribbling, drawing, and writing. 

Package includes:
1x Elfinbook Mini
1x Black Elfinbook Brand Pen 

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