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Elfinbook™ 6Pcs/Set Erasable Ballpoint Pen - 0.5mm Black ink


Our Elfinbook erasable pens will always have your back in extreme cases of writing, sketching, designing and creating.

Perfect for heavy-duty writing and jotting, it’s 0.5 MM ballpoint pen is suitable for fine lines and notes of all sorts

Designed for optimal pen performance and maximum comfort, our 6-piece set of erasable gel pen will definitely be your best writing friend. Made with a durable exoskeleton that is fully-retractable, you’ll never waste ink from unwanted scratches and marks. With one click, you’re good to go! 

Not to mention our premium, high-quality and smooth ink that glides perfectly over any type of paper that is proven to be smudge and wear-proof. Our formulation assures you of its quick-drying functionality that allows you to write and go, without any worries of making unnecessary smudges. What’s more, is that it provides a comfortable and stable writing experience with a contoured and rubber grip. 

The tip size of 0.5 MM  is suitable for anyone who relies on classic paper and pen experience. Plus, if you’re using the Elfinbook Notebooks, our erasable gel pens work perfectly well with it. 

You don’t have to worry anymore about running out of ink, or losing a pen while you’re in the middle of writing. With our 6-piece set of erasable gel pens, you’ll never have to panic again.